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UTL_FILE Permission

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tom quach_1
Super Advisor

UTL_FILE Permission

Dear all,

i have a permission problem in my HP-UX and database package "UTL_FILE" 11gR1
the database is on 11gR1 HP-UX 11.31 (node1)
with root umask = 00 oracle user umask = 00

setup ACL on this database to use UTL_FILE

client is on HP-UX (node2) with root umask = 00 oracle user umask = 00
in client (note2) created a dir /TEST shared and NFS mount to database (note1) /TEST

create a test script to test the UTL_FILE
connect to database server (note1) using sqlplus, ran script and it created file with permission (666) in /TEST folder, this is what we want.
if i touch a file in /TEST (note1) as root or as oracle user it would create file with permission (666)

same script but if run from the oracle client in note2, it created file with permission (660 )
touch a file in /TEST and root and oracle both created files with permission (666)

Can someone please give me a hint as what was wrong with my setup.

Thanks in advance.
Turgay Cavdar
Honored Contributor

Re: UTL_FILE Permission

When did you change the umask of oracle? Have you restarted the listener after the change? If the client connection are forked by listener (i am not sure) , then may be the listener umask value is still old value.
Jean-Luc Oudart
Honored Contributor

Re: UTL_FILE Permission


Were you using the same listener in node 1 and node 2 (or may be no listener on node1).
Please check the permissions associated with the listener ?)

fiat lux
tom quach_1
Super Advisor

Re: UTL_FILE Permission

Thank you for your helps.

The listener was the issue.
restarted and it's fine now.