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Unable to connect to TOAD /PLSQL developer

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Unable to connect to TOAD /PLSQL developer

I am able to connect SQL Plus but unable to connect TOAD /PLSQL developer getting error msg
ORA-12705: Invalid or unknown NLS parameter value specified
Jonathan Fife
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Re: Unable to connect to TOAD /PLSQL developer

I would guess that your NLS_LANG environment variable isn't set correctly. If you're running SQL Developer from Windows I believe this is a registry setting in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE and various subdirectories from there.
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Re: Unable to connect to TOAD /PLSQL developer

Hi satesh

kindly make sure whether ur plsql dev or toad using the same oracle home which is used by ur sqlplus/oracle client

with regards
Sean Dale
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Re: Unable to connect to TOAD /PLSQL developer

I set the NLS_LANG parameter as a system environment variable and everything works fine on my computer.
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Re: Unable to connect to TOAD /PLSQL developer


do you have several oracle homes on the client?

If yes, on the connect window, click on the "SQL*Net Help" button and set the appropriate "TOAD" home.

hope this helps!

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Frank de Vries
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Re: Unable to connect to TOAD /PLSQL developer

It means only one thing:

You need to specify the NLS_LANG parameter.
Possible values are:

Now if you are not sure about which ORACLE_HOME then add them in your registry
for each ORACLE_HOME
thus: start run: type regedit
Edit new string value NLS_LANG
and the same for each ..\HOME0
..\HOME1 etc..

ALso if you have an older TOAD you may add
under controlpanel system environment variable set NLS_LANG=AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8ISO8859P1
But that only makes sense if your ORACLE_HOME is in the %PATH% variable and

But I would try the registry first.
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