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Unknown Default error destination

Rafael Moran

Unknown Default error destination

Hello All!

I have a problem on a server using hp-ux 10.20
and sendmail 8.9.3
When I have an ouput from an script or from a
command like lp ( your request -- was cancelled by root ), this output is redirect
to an special email account out of this server but inside the lan (
I don't find in or any other file where is defined that the error output has to be redirected to this email account.
If you have any idea please help me solving that.

Thank you

Rafael Moran
Hi! I'm keko
Andreas Voss
Honored Contributor

Re: Unknown Default error destination


sounds like your root mail is mapped.
Have a look at /etc/mail/aliases or
/etc/mail/userdb for any entries that affect root mail.

Rafael Moran

Re: Unknown Default error destination

Thank you for the quick answer andreas!!

Unfortunately I have no userdb file and the
aliases contains:

# Alias for mailer daemon

# RFC 822 requires that every host have a mail address "postmaster"
postmaster : root

# Aliases to handle mail to msgs and news
nobody : /dev/null

# System Admistration aliases
operator : root
uucp : root
daemon : root

Hi! I'm keko