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Unlocking CDE screen lock


Unlocking CDE screen lock

We have a company policy that means a user must enable the CDE screen lock. The problem we have is that users go away for many hours leaving the screen locked, another user wants to use the machine and cannot unlock the screen. I cannot provide the root password to other people, how can I (if possible) give other users the ability to unlock these screens without having the root or the original users password ?
Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Unlocking CDE screen lock


No way I can think of. Wouldn't that kind of defeat the purpose?


Mark Greene_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Unlocking CDE screen lock

You can't. The most effective solution is to ammend the policy to state that if anyone is going to be away for more than 30 minutes (or so) that they should log out instead of just locking the screen. This frees the session for another person to be able to use.

What sort of user are you talking? Admin, developer, data center, help desk, application user?

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Efim Kushnir
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Re: Unlocking CDE screen lock

Dear David,

you can solve it with add in your system the new common user.

If your users do the common work you need create common account for it.

So, exist also administrative methods of influence - punishments, penalties for impossibility to other employee to perform work, but it not absolutely from area of system administration:-)

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