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Unmount cdrom

Marc Godbout
Occasional Visitor

Unmount cdrom

(Have read 9/27 "umount cdrom" post below)

Unable to umount /cdrom on 10.20 system.
Mssg returned is: "umount: cannot find /cdrom in /etc/mnttab. cannot umount /cdrom".

Cmd "fuser -cu /cdrom" returns mssg:
"/cdrom: fuser: could not find file system mounted at /cdrom."

When attempt is made to mount to /cdrom2, mssg returned is: "/dev/dsk/c1t2d0: Device busy".
Cmd used to mount: /etc/mount -F cdfs -o ro,cdcase /dev/dsk/c1t2d0 /cdrom.

No entry for /cdrom exists in bdf, fstab or mnttab.
System is in single-user mode. No other users are on.
System has been rebooted several times.

All suggestions appreciated.

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Re: Unmount cdrom


Check for pfs daemon is running

ps -ef | grep pfsd
ps -ef | grep pfs_mountd.. If you find any kill the process.

Try mounting it by then using nohup

nohup /usr/sbin/pfs_mountd&
nohup /usr/sbin/pfsd&
/usr/sbin/pfs_mount -t rrip -x unix /dev/dsk/ Your device /cdrom
I assume this was not a remote mount.

Good luck
Good Luck..
harry d brown jr
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Re: Unmount cdrom

A great tool to use to determine what processes have what files open is "lsof". You can download it from here:

Live Free or Die
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Unmount cdrom

If the mount command reports that /cdrom is not mounted, then it isn't, especially in single user mode where pfs is not running (I am assuming by single user mode that you did not use init s or shutdown 0, neither of which work correctly for single user).

If you are trying to umount the CDROM because it won't eject, try a shutdown -h 0 and then cycle power. If that does not work, the CD is physically stuck. You can use a paperclip to poke into the small hole on the front panel. If that does not eject the CD, it will have to be replaced.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: Unmount cdrom

Hello Marc,

IIRC then there was the option "-u" for "mount" still
available in HPUX 10.20...
Try "mount -u" and then look for the output of "mount".
Is the cdrom still shown as mounted?
Then you might have to reboot, actually.

Else try "diskinfo" on that cdrom-drive's HW PATH, and/or
try "dd" or even "tar" on its device file (get the file
name from "ioscan -fnkC disk").

Is there a CD in or not?

Just my ?0.02,
Marc Godbout
Occasional Visitor

Re: Unmount cdrom

Have exhausted all sw solutions. At this point it appears to be hardware-related. Swapping out the drive 10/8. Will post results.