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Updated version of sendmail 8.11.1

Berlene Herren
Honored Contributor

Updated version of sendmail 8.11.1

HP has released a new version of sendmail 8.11.1/HPUX 11.11
on the web. Symptoms: Item number 3 has been a common complaint lately.

->internet and security solutions
->sendmail 8.11.1 special release


product name: Sendmail 8.11.1 Special Release
product #: SMAIL811
size(MB): -
software specification: HP-UX11.11

sendmail-811 (B.

SR 8606227334/JAGad96395
1. When a user enables or disables the web upgrade version of sendmail, swverify on the sendmail patch shows error.

SR 8606231979/JAGae01215
2. gen_cf fails to include TrustAuthMech class macro in
the generated sendmail configuration file.

SR 8606264702/JAGae29033
3. Sendmail-8.11 on a non-IPv6 HP-UX 11.11 systems, does not resolve a domain name when the MX record for the domain exists and "A" record for the same does not exist. The following error message is reported:
" Error 501 Domain of sender address " does not exist.

SR 8606267547/JAGae31789
4. Sendmail does not log transient (name server timeout) error messages while processing the mail queue.

SR 8606268804/JAGae33040
5. Under certain conditions, Sendmail or its associated
utilities may not operate properly.

SR 8606269073/JAGae33308
6. Under certain conditions, Sendmail does not terminate/restart properly.

harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: Updated version of sendmail 8.11.1

Well I just installed it, no issues there. Started it up, no issues there! tested it, it works!

One thing I HATE, is that I HAVE to use FTP to get the depot file, could they include a link for http?? I have to go though a raptor firewall proxy, and it's a pain in the arse because I have to manually ftp!

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