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Upgrade HP-UX 11.0 to 11.i with Oracle RAC

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Ted Stieber
Occasional Contributor

Upgrade HP-UX 11.0 to 11.i with Oracle RAC

We would like to do an upgrade of HP-UX from 11.0 to 11.i on individual nodes in an Oracle RAC environment. Two questions; first any advice on upgrade vs. fresh OS install of 11.i? Secondly, can we do one of the two nodes one day and the second node a different day, thus keeping at least one node/instance up at all times?
Geoff Wild
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrade HP-UX 11.0 to 11.i with Oracle RAC

A lot of people here recommend fresh install - but if planned and exercised correctly - upgrades do work.

In a MC/SG environment - you can do rolling upgrades - can't remember if you can with RAC.

Here's our upgrade plan:

HPUX 11i Upgrade Plan

1. run make_tape_recovery
2. Stop IPR application
a. /ops/oper/opercmds/IPR.stopapplocal

3. Split vg00 mirror
a. lvsplit /dev/vg00/lvol1 /dev/vg00/lvol2 /dev/vg00/lvol3 /dev/vg00/lvol4 /dev/vg00/lvol5 /dev/vg00/lvol6 /dev/vg00/lvol7 /dev/vg00/lvol8
b. Boot pc0112
c. Interrupt Boot sequence and boot from alternate disk
d. After system comes up, boot pc0112 back to primary path

4. Stop NFS client
a. /sbin/init.d/nfs.client stop
5. Mount HPUX 11i Disc 1
6. Start install procedure
a. script /tmp/OSupgrade
b. mount /dev/cdrom /SD_CDROM
c. swinstall -r -s /SD_CDROM Update-UX \@ /var/adm/sw/Update-UX.root 2>/dev/null
d. edit /usr/lib/sw/update-ux.cfg file and comment out all lines that contain JAVAOOB
e. update-ux -s /SD_CDROM HPUX11i-OE
7. Follow Instructions

8. Install Mirror Disk using swinstall
9. Install Online JFS using swinstall
10. Install Glance using swinstall

11. Verify LAN interfaces are set to 100FD using lanadmin
12. If interfaces are set to HD, run the following to set them to FD
13. lanadmin -X FD (PPA #)
14. merge vg00
a. lvmerge /dev/vg00/lvol1b /dev/vg00/lvol1
b. lvmerge /dev/vg00/lvol2b /dev/vg00/lvol2
c. lvmerge /dev/vg00/lvol3b /dev/vg00/lvol3
d. lvmerge /dev/vg00/lvol4b /dev/vg00/lvol4
e. lvmerge /dev/vg00/lvol5b /dev/vg00/lvol5
f. lvmerge /dev/vg00/lvol6b /dev/vg00/lvol6
g. lvmerge /dev/vg00/lvol7b /dev/vg00/lvol7
h. lvmerge /dev/vg00/lvol8b /dev/vg00/lvol8
i. lvlnboot -v
j. If lvmerge fails, remove all of the mirrored logical volumes and recreate using the following steps
k. pvcreate -B /dev/rdsk/c2t6d0
l. vgextend /dev/vg00 /dev/dsk/c2t6d0
m. mkboot -l /dev/rdsk/c2t6d0
n. mkboot -a "hpux -l q (;0)/vmunix" /dev/rdsk/c2t6d0
o. lvextend -m 1 /dev/vg00/lvol1 /dev/dsk/c2t6d0
p. lvextend -m 1 /dev/vg00/lvol2 /dev/dsk/c2t6d0
q. lvextend -m 1 /dev/vg00/lvol3 /dev/dsk/c2t6d0
r. lvextend -m 1 /dev/vg00/lvol4 /dev/dsk/c2t6d0
s. lvextend -m 1 /dev/vg00/lvol5 /dev/dsk/c2t6d0
t. lvextend -m 1 /dev/vg00/lvol6 /dev/dsk/c2t6d0
u. lvextend -m 1 /dev/vg00/lvol7 /dev/dsk/c2t6d0
v. lvextend -m 1 /dev/vg00/lvol8 /dev/dsk/c2t6d0
w. lvlnboot -b /dev/vg00/lvol1
x. lvlnboot -s /dev/vg00/lvol2
y. lvlnboot -r /dev/vg00/lvol3
z. lvlnboot -R /dev/vg00
aa. lvlnboot -v

PRE Reqs:

Make sure /stand meets/exceeds 11.i requirements:

lvremove /dev/vg00/lvol3
mt -t /dev/rmt/0m rewind
for i in `ls /dev/vg00/l*`
lvreduce -m 0 $i

boot into LVM maintenance mode:

hpux -lm

vgchange -a y /dev/vg00
lvrmboot -r /dev/vg00
lvremove /dev/vg00/lvol2
lvextend -L 256 /dev/vg00/lvol1
extendfs /dev/vg00/rlvol1
lvcreate -L 1024 -C y -r n -n lvol2 /dev/vg00
lvlnboot -b /dev/vg00/lvol1
lvlnboot -r /dev/vg00/lvol4
lvlnboot -s /dev/vg00/lvol2
lvlnboot -d /dev/vg00/lvol2

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Ted Stieber
Occasional Contributor

Re: Upgrade HP-UX 11.0 to 11.i with Oracle RAC

Thanks for a detailed answer. It's good to know that Service Guard can have rolling upgrade. I'm still interested if anyone knows if I can have an Oracle 9.2 RAC setup with one node on 11.0 and the other node on 11.i?

Re: Upgrade HP-UX 11.0 to 11.i with Oracle RAC

I have not done this kind of configuration but I think it is OK.
oracle does not care about the os provided that the os/oracle is certified and your mc/sg on 11/11i is supported.
Rolling up rac software is not possible however(unless for single patch), for oracle has to run catpatch.sql which must be run in exclusive mode