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Upgrade ML 530 G2 from RH 8.0 to RH 9


Upgrade ML 530 G2 from RH 8.0 to RH 9


I would like for some reasons (lib versions, etc.) to upgrade my ML 530 G2 proliant server which run with RedHat 8.0 to RedHat 9.

But I would like to know if HP/Compaq tools like hpasm, cpqacuxe, fine on RedHat 9.

I know that HP to support RH 9, I tryed RHEL 3, but I must make a new kernel (XFS and ACL support) and it's no possible or very very difficult.

My serveur is a samba file-server and PDC with XFS and ACL support and ldap database too.

Kodjo Agbenu
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrade ML 530 G2 from RH 8.0 to RH 9

Hi Prunelle,Are you familiar with SuSE ? Even the desktop version or SuSE 9 offers XFS and ACL support, therefore you don't need to recompile the kernel.For sure, HP Proliant tools are not validated on Red Hat 9. I guess it would work after a rpm rebuild, but I have never tried it.Regards,Kodjo
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Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Upgrade ML 530 G2 from RH 8.0 to RH 9

If Rh9 supported XFS and ACL, then Red Hat 9 does.

Making a kernel is not a big deal its the same instructions in RH9 as RH8

As far as hpasm goes, you have to check the support matrix.


Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Edmund White
Frequent Advisor

Re: Upgrade ML 530 G2 from RH 8.0 to RH 9

I run about 110 Redhat 8.0 servers on similar hardware (ML370G3, ML530G2, ML570G2). I run them with vanilla kernels from They all have XFS filesystems. Most are 2.4.26, which has XFS built-in. The remainder are 2.4.21 and had to have XFS patched into them. If you can ignore the lib issues, you should keep your server on RH8. The HP driver support for Redhat 8.0 seems to be the best using either version 6.40 or 7.x of the hpasm agents. I'd stay away from RH9 at all costs. It was never supported. If you need help sticking with 8.0, just reply.

Re: Upgrade ML 530 G2 from RH 8.0 to RH 9

I resume because all answer not corresponding to my questions :
I have a RH8 with 2.4.26 kernel + patch ACL compiled by me.

If I want to upgrade my lprng package to last version, lprng want, but RH 8 have And if I want upgrade openssl, I must upgrade sendmail ...

If I upgrade to RH9, it's just for resolve these RPM dependency, no for XFS and ACL part.

Nowt, my question is : all HP system tools like hpasm, cpqacuxe, ... is working on RH9 ?


Anybody have a experience ?