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Upgrade to 9.2.0 from 8.1.7 oracle on HP-UX 11i

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Upgrade to 9.2.0 from 8.1.7 oracle on HP-UX 11i

We are migrating from HP-UX 11 to HP-UX 11i
As such I had gone through the metalink
doc id = 149556.1
Install Quick Start: 9.0.1 (64 bit) HP-UX 11

they have mentioned of patches like

PHCO_23094 - s700_800 11.11 libc cumulative header file patch
PHCO_23772 - s700_800 11.11 libc cumulative patch
PHSS_23441 - s700_800 11.11 ld(1) and linker tools cumulative patch
PHNE_23502 - s700_800 11.11 ONC/NFS General Release/Performance Patch

My concern is about the aCC compiler which I am using

aCC: HP ANSI C++ B3910B A.03.27 is supported in HP-UX 11i.

Can u tell me the option or flags that was used to make these file(library) or the
flags setting like +AA and +A flags in STL etc
the version of this aCC with which lib is created ?

This can be usually in considering the option for performance inmprovement
and avoiding unwanted run time errors

Or can you tell me where I can get more info on this

Thank you

Jim Carter_1

Re: Upgrade to 9.2.0 from 8.1.7 oracle on HP-UX 11i

Jacob, I'm not real sure exactly what you were asking, but I think you are asking about the compiler options used by HP while creating the libc library. Apparently the reason for your question is you believe you can effect the performance of your applications by changing these options during the compilation process.

With that assumption in mind, I don't believe HP releases the source code to the library functions -- the libraries come precompiled and you can't change that.

If I've missed the point of your question, please restate and I'll try to get closer with an answer.
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Re: Upgrade to 9.2.0 from 8.1.7 oracle on HP-UX 11i

Hi Jim

Sorry I have not been clear

My concern is of moving from oracle 8.1.7 on HP-UX 11 to Oracle 9i (9.2.0) on HP-UX -11i
As such I have application that have to be run as 32 bit binaries . The option is like this

1. The OS Kernel would be running in 64-bit mode. Both 32-bit and
64-bit applications would be supported by the OS.
2. My application will be running in 32-bit mode. Oracle will be
running in 64-bit mode (i.e 64-bit oracle binaries)- Is there any problem with this and
issue to be checked while making the application.
3. No change is foreseen in our application code for this. The interface between
32-bit Klarity/UDB application and 64-bit oracle processes (listeners)
will be managed by the oracle shared libraries (libclnt). However, I
believe Oracle 9i might have to be installed on the where I have oracle 8i while I make the binaries from the server.
I would know how the data marshalling between the 32-bit &
64-bit processes will be handled by the oracle libraries (Can u highlight on this or
tell me any site where I can have a good discussion forum ?)

Thank you