Upgrade to latest release

Matthew Pegge_1
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Upgrade to latest release


Is there a way to update my server running redhat 3.0 update 3 to update 6 without using up2date the server is not connected to internet. Can you download the rpm's onto another server and then point up2date to the server? If so how?


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Re: Upgrade to latest release

Hi Matt,

Do you mean not connected to a la or not to the internet?

If you have a lan with an ftp server, it should be possible to update your server.
Configure yum by altering the /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora.repo file by changing the mirrorlist to mirrorlist=ftp://your-ftp-server/path-to-rpms

Now run yum -y update to update your server.


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Ivan Ferreira
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Re: Upgrade to latest release

Red Hat does not support any other method of update that is not red hat network. (See installation guide and release notes)

You could try updating by network or cd media, but is at your own risk.
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Vitaly Karasik_1
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Re: Upgrade to latest release

You have [at least] two ways:
1) build your own RHN server using or commercial RHN satellite server or free "Current" server (http://community.linux.com/article.pl?sid=03/02/11/1234217&tid=11&tid=12). I used "Current" server several years ago, but oops! it seems like this project died now.

2) you can copy all RPMs to your RHEL server and try "rpm -Fv *rpm" command
Note: - you should move kernel packages to different directory before this.
- sometimes you should install a few packages manually before run "rpm -F"
David Timms
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Re: Upgrade to latest release

If the other server is the same version, then yes.
Do the up2date on the other server.
Copy the files from /var/cache/up2date (from memory) to a removable media like usb or cd/dvd's. This includes rpm and hdr and index files.
On the unconnected server, put these files into the same location.
Perform up2date. (I don't know if this will work, but if not add a modem so that the server can talk with the rhnserver to get the current updates list - this list is quite small compared to to the rpms/hdr's that would otherwise be downloaded - from memory up2date will use the files if they are already downloaded.