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User ID in HP-UX

Occasional Contributor

User ID in HP-UX

Hi Everyone,


I am using HP-UX 11.31.


I want to create a user id in hp-ux to start and stop the jboss server with appropriate permissions.


Kindly share the command to do the aboce.


Thanks & Regards,


R. Suriya Prakash

Honored Contributor

Re: User ID in HP-UX

Normally a JBoss server runs in a port number higher than 1023, so it won't need any special permissions at all.


However, it is difficult to give an exact command without knowing the details of your set-up: for example, does the user need to be in some special group in order to read the JBoss binaries, or is the JBoss installation readable by all users in your system?


In general, first use the "useradd" command to create an user (add options if necessary to match the requirements of your set-up). See "man useradd" for more information.


Or alternatively use the web-based System Management Homepage to create an user.


Then, you can either leave the account in locked state, so only root (or users authorized with RBAC or sudo) can access it, or use the "passwd" command to assign a password for the jboss user account, so anyone who knows the password can log in as the jboss user.