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User not found , sending messages from sendmail

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User not found , sending messages from sendmail

I can not sent senmail messages to any users from an L2000 server with HP-UX 11.0.
I work with NIS, an IPMAP. For example, if I include a user called castillo (the mine) it works, and in the /var/adm/syslog/mail.log I can see it has delivered the message to the IMAP address( But if I include other interested recipents, it is not delivered. In the same file I can see wich ncpts is 0, and the message is saved in the $HOME/dead.letter. This happens for all the aliases defined by this user in NIS and IPMAP.

Jose Mosquera
Honored Contributor

Re: User not found , sending messages from sendmail


You need make reference to your smtp engine mail server (Relay Server). So, you need define in /etc/mail/ the DS variable with a reachable Realy Serner name, in your case:

To ensure that are reachable define it into /etc/hosts file.

Then you need restart sendmail service:
/sbin/init.d/sendmail stop
/sbin/init.d/sendmail start

Also ensure that your resolution path defined in /etc/nsswitch.conf is appropriate.

You can test sendmail service by a simple command:

#echo "Test"|sendmail -v

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Re: User not found , sending messages from sendmail


apart from configuring the Smart Host value, I would have had a look at the service switch. There are different ways by which the sendmail program can resolve aliases from, it can use the aliases database, NIS and even use LDAP queries. for which you have to define the correct value for O ServiceSwitchFile=/etc/mail/service.switch and in /etc/mail/service.switch put entries like
aliases nis files nisplus
will make the sendmail look for aliases from NIS database first and then from the local database file /etc/mail/aliases and then from nisplus.

Please get the output of the diagnostics of

sendmail -v -d8.99 -d38.99

with best wishes
practice makes a man perfect!!!

Re: User not found , sending messages from sendmail

Everything works fine if I add the domain to the failed recipients.