Using Frame Buffers with RHL 7.3

mark ahlenius
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Using Frame Buffers with RHL 7.3


is there any "standard" configuration for using a frame buffer with RHL 7.3 on an HP Pavilion 540n machine?

This machine has the SiS 650 graphics chipset, and due to lack of driver support for this new chipset, I seem to be stuck at about 640 x 480 rez. Hence since it appears this machine and the OS can support FB's, I would like to learn how I could install it or select it.

any help would be appreciated.


John-Thomas Gaietto
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Re: Using Frame Buffers with RHL 7.3

Here's a link to an older HOW-TO but the way this is done is still relevant, I hope this helps if so please don't forget the points. Good Luck.