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Using HP-CDE (dtfile) when connected to a K260 from a Linux Workstation

Scott Hewes

Using HP-CDE (dtfile) when connected to a K260 from a Linux Workstation

I have a couple of users who connect to my HP K260 (HPUX 10.20) from RedHat (7.0) Linux workstations to run ESRI Arcview and Arc/Info. Basically they're using the Linux workstations as X-Stations. Anyway, some of the users would like to use the K260's HP-CDE File Manager when attached from their Linux boxes. I had them export their DISPLAY environment setting (as they need to do anyway to run Arc and Arcview). Then I had them run /usr/dt/bin/dtfile which then brings up the CDE file manager just fine on their gnome window manager. We have noticed though that some of the dialog boxes within Arcview do not work properly, or are mysteriously removed from the screen while the CDE file manager is running. Once the CDE file manager is stopped, Arcview continues to have trouble. The trouble with Arcview is only solved until gnome is stopped anf then restarted. What I would like to know is if there is another file manager on the HP K260 that will behave better when running within gnome or if there are any settings within HPUX or gnome that will solve this problem. Or is there another way to graphically display the K260's file structure while using gnome as an X-Station? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
Honored Contributor

Re: Using HP-CDE (dtfile) when connected to a K260 from a Linux Workstation

Install Service Control Manager, (free) and access all of your server config via the web (secured of course).

I actually prefer this to the X interface, it works under any web based.

PS read the installation guide. You need to tune 2 kernel params first.

It works for me (tm)
Scott Hewes

Re: Using HP-CDE (dtfile) when connected to a K260 from a Linux Workstation

Hello All,
My problem has been solved. Your suggestions helped although my ultimate solution was to run two X-servers. I am quite new at Linux and found some suggestions on the internet.

What I found was that while gnome is running on a virtual console, I could press ctrl-alt-f8 (this caused the monitor to reset to a blank screen). I then hit alt-f2 to get a second linux console. I then logged in on the second console. I then entered "X :1 -query hpsystemname" which brought up an HP-CDE login banner. I then logged in to the HP and got an HP-CDE session. I could then switch between gnome and HP-CDE by hitting ctrl-alt-f7 to get to gnome and then hitting ctrl-alt-f8 to back to the HP-CDE session.

I must also mention that my Linux box is setup to go into run-level 3 for a text-based login rather than run-level 5 to go into gnome right after boot. I am not sure if this works when the Linux boots into run-level 5. I did not test this.

Also, I made sure that the .Xauthorization file was setup on the Linux box to allow the HP to send displays to the Linux box. I have also heard that people can read your key strokes on the Linux box from the HP box. Is there any way to prevent this? Will an .Xauthority file on the Linux prevent this?

Thanks for your help.