VP Windows and Linux Agent

Denis Gass
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VP Windows and Linux Agent

Hi everyone,

I wish to control some of my Linux boxes with
Vantage Point for Windows.
I run VPW 6.20 with the last patches on W2K,
I have installed the Linux agent onto Linux
as in the docs. (Linux version is SuSE 7.2).
after starting the agent I see 8 opcctla
processes, where normally one is enough.
I see also 13 (thirteen) rpcd daemons.

VPW server cannot communicate with the agent
and comes with the funny error:

(PMD55) -- snip -- Error: (NT1722) The RPC server is unavailable.

Can anybody help?
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Eugen Cocalea
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Re: VP Windows and Linux Agent


Maybe it's a silly question. Is portmap running on the Linux box?

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Denis Gass
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Re: VP Windows and Linux Agent

Hi Eugen,
well it's not so silly
because the ito agent comes
with its own dce-rpc daemom.
Upon starting it outputs
the message "starting pormapper:" (from the script)
and starts OK. I took this
as a replacement to portmap.

But you could be right as
netstat -a shows me
portmap bind with the sunrpc port when running,
and does not show this
with the ITO rpcd.

Does anybody reading this
has opcagt running on SuSE7.2?

BTW, opcagt forks under
linux (therefore the processes) instead of threading.

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