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Vectra Blue Screen on Heavy Disk IO

Gadsby Andrew
Occasional Visitor

Vectra Blue Screen on Heavy Disk IO

I am trying do software install using software configured by InstallShield and
at various random points through the process the system blue screens , usually
in the depths of NTFS..this happens on two systems so I know it follows
NT/drivers not the indidiual system hardware.

This is NT 4 sp 4.

These are base Vectra's with 256 MB memory.

Any ideas?

Zack Brown
Occasional Visitor

Re: Vectra Blue Screen on Heavy Disk IO

This could be a hardware issue. Are you able to boot the machine in VGA Mode
or you could possibly add the /sos switch to the boot.ini to see which drivers
are loading and troubleshoot from there. What type of network cards are in
this machine. I have noticed that a few 3com 3c905C-TX-m cards can cause IRQ
conflicts with other devices installed on Vectra PCs.