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Veritas Netbackup to IDS2000 onbar restore problem

Steve Lewis
Honored Contributor

Veritas Netbackup to IDS2000 onbar restore problem

Hi guys, has anyone seen these messages and what do they mean? We can back stuff up OK but restores don't even start on this system. This is the bar_act.log:
2001-12-12 14:58:13 268 267 /informix/S01/bin/onbar_d -r -w -p
2001-12-12 14:58:14 268 267 Successfully connected to Storage Manager.
2001-12-12 14:58:20 268 267 XBSA Error (BSAGetObject): A system error occurred. Aborting XBSA session.
2001-12-12 14:58:25 268 267 Due to the previous error, logical restore will not be attempted.
2001-12-12 14:58:25 268 267 /informix/S01/bin/onbar_d: process exit 3 (0x03)
Tom Geudens
Honored Contributor

Re: Veritas Netbackup to IDS2000 onbar restore problem

You probably already tried this, but just in case :-) ... there are some hits if you search with keyword "BSAGetObject" on the Veritas Support Site (
One of the issues seems to be about not being able to restore ...

Hope it helps,
Tom Geudens
A life ? Cool ! Where can I download one of those from ?