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Video Drivers for dx5150 PC

Grant Mc Auley
Occasional Visitor

Video Drivers for dx5150 PC

I recently installed Linux on my new dx5150 and am having trouble with on board ATI video drivers. I know that HP sells this PC with Suse installed, so I assume they must have things working rock solid.

I asked HP (throught support chat) where I could find drivers or documentation, and was told that drivers were not available for download (at least from that site).

I have installed drivers from ATI and it is working but is very sluggish and jumpy (eg, especially with OpenGL 3D). I am thinking it is a configuration problem.

Does anyone have any experience with this or know where I can find documentation? (HP dx5150, AMD Athlon 64 4000, ATI Radeon Xpress 200)
David Asgeirsson
Valued Contributor

Re: Video Drivers for dx5150 PC

First of all, which distribution of Linux are you using? I assume you are not using the same release of SUSE that HP puts on the system.

In general, the newer, more recent release has support for more hardware, so if it is not too difficult for you, try to download the latest and greatest version of your favourite flavour.

If that doesn't get things working, then you could try downloading the drivers directly from ATI:

Good luck.
Grant Mc Auley
Occasional Visitor

Re: Video Drivers for dx5150 PC

Thank you David for your reply.

I guess I could have made my question more clear:

I have already installed ATI but I am seeing poor performance with OpenGL and perhaps rendering of large files, for example. I am using Gentoo 2.6.12. and have tried a few things detailed in their forums.

I posted here b/c I figured maybe someone who has the *exact same hardware*, could tell me what configuration settings their system uses for video/X/OpenGL/etc. Also, information about other related packages it uses for video/X/OpenGL, tips about video hardware acceleration for this system, etc.

Maybe this is a little clearer?