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Vitrual IPs

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Vitrual IPs

I am adding a virtual ip to a lan card, but I am not able to ping it any other server.

Can anyone give me exact steps for adding virtual ips(Including route adds etc)

Thanks in advance
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V. V. Ravi Kumar_1
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Re: Vitrual IPs


try this through SAM, and ensure that it is enabled, also ensure that there is no other machine has same ip address.

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Jeffrey S. Sims
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Re: Vitrual IPs

you can also use the ifalias command. The Syntax for it is:

ifalias lan0 addmask (where is the ip you want to add and is the netmask)and append the new virtual host ip address to the end of the /etc/rc.config.d/ipalias file so it is valid after a reboot.

Hope it helps
Steve Post
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Re: Vitrual IPs

For hpux11.00....go to sam

click networking and comunications
click network interface cards

Highlight a card listed.
Click actions
Click "Add IP Logical Interface"
Put in another ip address withint the same subnet.
Click ok.
Sebastian Galeski_1
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Re: Vitrual IPs

use next command:
#ifconfig lan0:1 virtul_ip_address netmask your_netmask up

#ifconfig lan0:1 netmask up

regards seba