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Vpar and N par

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Vpar and N par


Which technology have good career growth Vpar or N par in future.

Doug O'Leary
Honored Contributor

Re: Vpar and N par


npars and vpars are 2 of the three levels of HPs virtualization paradigm. They both have excellent growth potential as they are not in conflict with each other.

Npars are used to divide cell based systems where the unit of division is the cell.

vpars are used to divide systems or further divide npars into virtual systems in which the unit(s) of division are cpus and I/O channels.

The third level of virtualization is Integrity virtual machines which can effectively share just about everything.


Doug O'Leary

Senior UNIX Admin
O'Leary Computers Inc
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Vpar and N par

I don't know that would make a career path out of either of those specifically.

As an HP-UX administrator, you should be aware of the technologies. If they are in use in your environment then you should definitely know all you can about them.
Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: Vpar and N par

'Career growth' in what? Administering these machines? or something else? I think you need to be aware of all the new technologies with respect to virtualization.