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Vpar and npar Differe

Please help me the basic of what is Vpar and npar...and its use?
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Re: Vpar and npar Differe

check the below URL site:-

hope it will help 4 U.

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Re: Vpar and npar Differe

Npar A hardware partitioning system that lets you subdivide a server into independent, bootable servers. You need a Network connection, some disk to boot off of and at least 1 CPU.

Npar only works on certain hardware, most of which is pretty expensive.

vPar lets you take an existing machine or nPar and subdivide it into virtual machines. You need at least 1 Network connection and 1 cpu for a vitural machine.

If your machine and OS supports this architecture and you are current on firmware, you should be able to do it. But remember, the requirements can't be bent. They require what they require and there is no way around that. You can't for example do it on an rp5450 server. You can on a rp5470 server, but you need a few network connections and at least two cpus.

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