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VxVM - Moving luns to another server

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Ross Zubritski
Trusted Contributor

VxVM - Moving luns to another server

Hi all,

I know this is a fairly simple question, but here goes. I have a "loaner" RP7400 with 1TB of EMC disk attached. The luns are mapped to several disk groups in veritas volume manager (3.2). I need to move these luns to another server. Is the procedure as follows?

1. vxdg deport the disk groups on server 1.

2. swap cables, etc to server 2.

3. Bring server 2 up.

4. vxdg import diskgroupabc

5. vxrecover -g diskgroupabc -sb

Does this cover it?



James A. Donovan
Honored Contributor

Re: VxVM - Moving luns to another server

For step 4, I would recommend

vxdg -C import diskgroupabc

in order to clear the hostid of the loner from the diskgroup.

Step 5 shouldn't be necessary, but I don't see any harm in running it.

After you have imported the diskgroup on your new server be sure to run "vxvol start diskgroupabc"

The man page for vxdg is especially helpful when importing/deporting diskgroups.
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Mike Distefano
Occasional Visitor

Re: VxVM - Moving luns to another server

On the other server you will need to do the following:

# ioscan >/tmp/ioscan.out
# insf -e
# vxdctl disable
# vxdctl init
# vxdctl enable
# vxdg import diskgroup
# vxvol -g diskgroup startall

Then mount the file systems.