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WLM configuration

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WLM configuration

Please help to configure WLM. What are resourses we can manage ufing WLM.
Please provide detailed steps.
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Re: WLM configuration


There is a 5 days course from hp for virtual server environment where you will get wlm hands-on. Would request you to go for it..
If require any assistance in course, let me know.

Michael Steele_2
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Re: WLM configuration

Here is the WLM forum:


Attached is a WLM User's Guide for 11.11 and 11.23 but, it was published in 2005.

I looked for more but some many links have disappeared...

Try this instead of the attached

WLM is not hard. You start by making a spreadsheet of every cpu and DIMM and their assignments to what server.

If you've built a virtual guest before then you'll be very familiar with the process. In fact, taking a vmware or vmachine class would be great if you can't get a wlm class.

The toughest job will be keep the spreadsheet up to date -and- Robbing Peter to Pay Paul / make on the fly changes by stealing resources from zvbox for xvbox. For example, every Friday xvbox needs 2 more cpus and 8 GB more memory, and zvbox is now under loaded because its the weekend. You have to write a script and cron job to provision on Friday and deallocate on Monday.

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