Warning: Problem with cfg2html script

Francesca Watts
Occasional Advisor

Warning: Problem with cfg2html script

We have discovered a problem with the cfg2html script which is run occasionally on the Linux servers to gather config information.

The script contains a call to ldconfig "configure dynamic linker run-time bindings", which then runs with the parameters -vN. This causes the script to re-link libraries.

The problem has arisen on gbahel92/93 and 94 (the Storapart servers), when this script re-links the library to a default value, rather than the version which is required to run the applications, thereby causing them to fail.

In order to prevent this re-linking from taking place, we have 2 options

1) Run the script with -k to prevent kernel checks, however this may not be suitable as we would require these kernel details for some investigations.

2) Amend the script to call ldconfig with the parameters -vNX The addition of the X prevents libraries from being relinked.

As far as we know, this has only affected the Storapart servers so far, but it's possible that this could have updated links on other servers that we're not aware of.