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Warning Signs

Carey Collett
Occasional Visitor

Warning Signs

How can I get rid of Iligal opperation Warning so I may use my PrintmasterPlatinum 8.0 I was useing printing something,cancel the print the page I was printing dissapeared and after that I cant get it to work right every time Itry to use printmaster now I get this warning... and cant use tit . Please help me.
bill smith_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Warning Signs

There isn't much to go on but It sounds like there is corupt data messing with your system. At this point your best bet would be to follow these steps.
1. Try to do an uninstall from control pannel.(if it fails dont worry)
2. Do a install of the original product.(If it comes up and says that its already installed, tell it to install over it.)
4. Do anouther uninstall to make sure it got all of the registry clean and hopefully the files.
5. Uninstall the printer then reinstall it in case it corupted the driver when it failed originally.
6. Now do a install and give it a shot. Hopefully it will work, otherwise you might have a actual glitch in compatability.
((Its a slow process but if followed exactly, I should knock out any bugs due to corupt data. Good luck.
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