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Web JetAdmin, RedHat and Netscape

Brian Taylor

Web JetAdmin, RedHat and Netscape

Hey gang.

I have web JetAdmin running on a RedHat workstation with Netscape 7.1 on it. I keep getting an error that I need the plugin for 'application/x-java-vm'. I have Sun's Java Runtime 1.4.1 installed and I am betting that I just do not have the helper application configured correctly inside Netscape...but that is just my guess. Any hints on what I may be missing here?!?

Kodjo Agbenu
Honored Contributor

Re: Web JetAdmin, RedHat and Netscape


May be you missed the java plugin. In your SUN jre package, search for the Java plugin and copy it into your netscape plugin directory (/usr/lib/netscape/plugins or /.netscape/plugins).

Restart netscape to take changes into account.

Good luck.

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Martin P.J. Zinser
Honored Contributor

Re: Web JetAdmin, RedHat and Netscape

To check which Plugins are recognized use the
Help --> About plugins menu. This should produce a list of all installed plugins and the file types the serve.
Regular Advisor

Re: Web JetAdmin, RedHat and Netscape

You have got JRE installed but your Java-aware applet is cribbing. The issue maybe that you do not have a link showing where your is ? Go inside the Netscape plug-in directory and create a symlink pointing to Hth.
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Brian Taylor

Re: Web JetAdmin, RedHat and Netscape

Hey gang...thanks much for the info, but I have the plug in installed everywhere possible and no go. Is the j2re1.4.2 the correct pluging for the Virtual Machine?
Just grasping here...

Thanks again!