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What class servers can run 64-bit?

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Joel Shank
Valued Contributor

What class servers can run 64-bit?

I have a server farm composed of D and K class HP 9000 servers. They are presently running HPUX 10.20. Can anyone tell me where I can go to find out which of these servers can run in 64-bit mode when I upgrade them to HPUX 11.00?

Ajitkumar Rane
Trusted Contributor

Re: What class servers can run 64-bit?


Actually the its not model specific. but it depsned on the processor. All HP PA-RISC 8x00 are 64 bit.

check this site:

Amidsts difficulties lie opportunities
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Re: What class servers can run 64-bit?

The following link gives all necessary information about transition to 64 bit .

The 11.x faq gives the support matrix of all 64 bit capable servers.

D-Class--supports only 31 bit kernel with 11.x
D-class servers: 32-bit PA-RISC D200, Dx10, Dx20, Dx30, Dx50
64-bit PA-RISC Dx70, Dx80
D-class does not support > 4 GB RAM. D-class can be used for 64-bit development, although testing of 64-bit applications must be performed on a 64- bit HP9000 that supports HP-UX 11.00 64-bit OS. HP is evaluating the possibility of support for D-class in the coming year

All K class servers support 64 bit kernel on 11.x however you may have to update the firmware to the latest version.

Its ALL in the MATRIX