What does PSP do?

Stephen R Forbes
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What does PSP do?

Perhaps a misleading title as I know what PSP is and what it does, however...

I'm trying to set up Patrol on a RHEL 4 server with the latest PSP install. What alerts can I expect from PSP if there are problems? Is there a technical paper somewhere that lists alerts that might come out in any given faiure?

Steven E. Protter
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Re: What does PSP do?


PSP is a massive package with many features. It includes tools to manage storage, monitor system health, and remotely administer the system.

PSP itself does nothing, its just a marketing name for a series of tools.

These tools are fully capable of sending alerts via email and other methods.

There is plenty of documentation on the various componenents of PSP on HP's website.

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Re: What does PSP do?

Hi, as SEP notes, PSP is a combinations of drivers & management agents for different hardware components of your server.

These managements agents monitor the condition of the hardware and if there are any degraded items you can find out which ones. You also get various logs which can trap any errors in case there is any issue with the server.

I am including the link just in case: