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What does VNC Server do / re Oracle Apps?

Stuart Abramson_2
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What does VNC Server do / re Oracle Apps?

We run Oracle Applications here.

One of the Oracle Architects just came in my office and asked me if we had a "graphics console" on our HP rp7410 server. I said, of course, that no we didn't; we did our "graphics" with X-Windows, etc.

He said that if we didn't have a "graphics console on a graphics card" on our server that he would have to order "VNC Server", which is a product that we run on some of our other servers. It is an Oracle Apps requirement.

What is he talking about?
Mark Grant
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Re: What does VNC Server do / re Oracle Apps?

I bet it's CODA!

Some software requires drawing graphics primitives and it needs and X server to do it on. You don't actually require VNC, you can just leave a PC on with reflections on have a Linux box somewhere and set the display variable to the PC's ipaddress:0.

However, that can be annoying if someone switches it off so VNC is your answer. VNC is an X server for when you don't have a graphics console to run a real one on. You run VNC, point your DISPLAY variable at your own ip address and your away.
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Re: What does VNC Server do / re Oracle Apps?


Some Architects still believe that data center servers are headfull -- meaning have a graphics card and the console is X-windows based... I can understand that as there are still some sites out there that do have Graphics consoles. Now on your inquiry on question..

VNC is a virtual X server product that allows you to have an "X-Windows Server" server. So even if you do not have an X-windows software emulation product on your PC (ie. ExCeed, KEA, Reflection) .. you can still access a virtualized X-Windows environment.. This is needed by some Oracle Apps that are frontended with GUI that are sometimes pure X-Windows clients or a mix with Java. There are also some Oracle apps that require to have a GUI that is always up...

The nice thing with VNC is youhave an option of a small "thick client" -- A VNC Client or a Web based one.

For more info:
Hakuna Matata.
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Re: What does VNC Server do / re Oracle Apps?

did you try the HP Virtual frame buffer? we use it for our 9iAS...
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