What is an update level for HP UX ?

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What is an update level for HP UX ?

We are trying to install Oracle Forms and Reports Writer on HP UX  ( Itanium Servers) . The servers are newly purchased last month.

We faced issues in installing Oracle product mentioned above It would nt start the Forms and Reports Server.

While searching for si=olution on Oracle websites, there is one document which states that the HP UX uopdate level should be Level 12 or higher. When we chechked HP server we found that  there is no such thing as Update level . The HP persons were asking for Patch number which may be required..  The Oracle document is not very explicit about it.  We checked the SWLIST command in HPUX server and the output is attached.

# Initializing...
# Contacting target "dbserv01"...
# Target: dbserv01:/

# Bundle(s):

10GigEthr-02 B.11.31.1912 PCIe 10 Gigabit Ethernet;Supptd HW=467799-B21, HW=AM225A, HW=AM232A, HW=AM233A
10GigEthr-03 B.11.31.1905 PCIe 10 GbE;Supptd HW=580151/610609/613431-B21,NC551/552/553,AT094/111/118A
10GigEthr-04 B.11.31.1303 PCIe 10 Gigabit Ethernet;Supptd HW=593715/BS668
10GigEthr-05 B.11.31.1912 PCIe 10 Gigabit Ethernet;Supptd HW=716589-001
B3835DA C.03.06 HP Process Resource Manager
BUNDLE B.2021.07.16 Patch Bundle
Base-VXFS B.11.31 Base VxFS File System 4.1 Bundle for HP-UX
Base-VxFS-61 B.06.10.04 Veritas File System Bundle 6.1 for HP-UX
BaseLVM B.11.31.2005 Logical Volume Manager
CDE-English B.11.31 English CDE Environment
CommonIO B.11.31.1503 Common IO Drivers
DSAUtilities C.01.00.23 HP-UX Distributed Systems Administration Utilities
DynRootDisk B.1131.A.3.16.1 Dynamic Root Disk
DynamicNPars B.11.31.0709 Dynamic nPartitions enablement
FEATURE11i B.11.31.1905.441 Feature Enablement Patches for HP-UX 11i v3, May 2019
FIREFOX A. Firefox for HP-UX
FibrChanl-00 B.11.31.1003 FibreChannel;HW=A6795A,A5158A
FibrChanl-01 B.11.31.1905 FibrChnl;HW=A6826A,A9782A,A9784A,AB378A/B,AB379A/B,AB465A,AD193A,AD194A,AD300A
FibrChanl-02 B.11.31.1805 FCLP;HW=AD299A,AD355A,AD221A,AD222A,AD393A,AH402A,AH403A,403621-B21,456972-B21
FibrChanl-03 B.11.31.1705 FCOC;HW=580151-B21,613433-001,AT111A
FibrChanl-04 B.11.31.1303 FCQ;HW=P3P
GTK GTK+ 2.6 The Gnome GUI Runtime Toolkit
GigEther-00 B.11.31.0903 PCI GigEther;Supptd HW=A4926A/A4929A/A6096A;SW=J1642AA
GigEther-01 B.11.31.1403 PCI GigEther;Supptd HW=A6825A/A6794A/A6847A/A8685A/A9782A/A9784A/A7109A/AB465A
HP-ACC-Link C.11.31.03 HP aCC_link Bundle
HP-Caliper-PERF C.11.31.09 HP Caliper Bundle
HPPortableImage B.11.31.1103 HP-UX Portable Image
HPUX-DHCPv4 B.11.31 HPUX DHCPv4 Server
HPUX-DHCPv6 B.11.31 HPUX DHCPv6 Server
HPUX-MailServer C. HPUX Mail Server
HPUX-NTP C. HPUX NTP version 4
HPUX-NameServer C. HP-UX Name Server
HPUX-RAMD B.11.31 HPUX IPv6 routing Server
HPUX-TCPWRAP B.11.31 HPUX TCPWrapper daemon
HPUX11i-BOE B.11.31.2005 HP-UX Base Operating Environment
HPUXBastille B.3.3.01 Bastille Security Hardening Tool
HPUXEssential B.11.31.1203 Essential HP-UX Utilities
HPUXExtns-Jpn B.11.31 Japanese font, input methods and printer extensions
HPUXExtns-Kor B.11.31 Korean font, input methods and printer extensions
HPUXExtns-SCh B.11.31 Simplified Chinese font, input methods and printer extensions
HPUXExtns-TCh B.11.31 Traditional Chinese font, input methods and printer extensions
HPUXGatedMrouted B.11.31 HPUX Gated and Mrouted Server
HPUXLocales B.11.31 Internationalization Support
HPUXMan-Eng B.11.31.1203 Minimum and Essential English man pages
HPUXMan-Jpn B.11.31.1203 Minimum and Essential Japanese man pages
HPUXMinRuntime B.11.31 Minimum Runtime Environment
HPUXMsgs-Fre B.11.31 Minimum and Essential HP-UX French Language Message Catalogs
HPUXMsgs-Ger B.11.31 Minimum and Essential HP-UX German Language Message Catalogs
HPUXMsgs-Ita B.11.31 Minimum and Essential HP-UX Italian Language Message Catalogs
HPUXMsgs-Jpn B.11.31 Minimum and Essential HP-UX Japanese Language Message Catalogs
HPUXMsgs-Kor B.11.31 Minimum and Essential HP-UX Korean Language Message Catalogs
HPUXMsgs-SCh B.11.31 Minimum and Essential HP-UX Simplified Chinese Language Message Catalogs
HPUXMsgs-Spa B.11.31 Minimum and Essential HP-UX Spanish Language Message Catalogs
HPUXMsgs-Swe B.11.31 Minimum and Essential HP-UX Swedish Language Message Catalogs
HPUXMsgs-TCh B.11.31 Minimum and Essential HP-UX Traditional Chinese Language Message Catalogs
HWEnable11i B.11.31.1703.423 Hardware Enablement Patches for HP-UX 11i v3, March 2017
IEther-00 B.11.31.1905 PCI/PCI-X/PCIe IEther
IGNITE C.7.24.100 HP-UX Installation Utilities (Ignite-UX)
IPFilter A. HP IPFilter 3.5alpha5
Ignite-UX-11-31 C.7.24.100 HP-UX Installation Utilities for Installing 11.31 Systems
J4240AA B.11.31.1905 Auto-Port Aggregation Software
Java60JDK Java 6.0 JDK for HP-UX
Java60JRE Java 6.0 JRE for HP-UX
Java70 Java 7.0 for HP-UX
Java80 Java 8.0 for HP-UX
LDAPUX B.05.03 LDAP-UX Integration
NParCmds B.11.31.1303 NPartition Commands
NVMEC B.11.31.1905 PCI-X NVMe
NVMeCache B.11.31.1910 NVMeCache driver
Nvmedisk-01 B.11.31.1905 BaseNVMe Disk Driver
ONCplus B.11.31.22 ONC+ 2.3
OVsnmpAgent C.17.3.4 HP-UX Emanate SNMP Agent
OnlineDiag B. HPUX 11.31 Support Tools Bundle, June 2016
PAMKerberos D.01.26 PAM-Kerberos Version 1.26
PCIInfo-00 B.11.31.1209 PCI ID Information Driver
PRMKernelSW C.03.06 HP PRM Kernel Software
PRMLibraries C.03.06 HP PRM Software Libraries
ParMgr B. Partition Manager - HP-UX
ProviderDefault B.11.31.2005 Select WBEM Providers
ProviderSvcsBase C. Provider Services Base
QPKAPPS B.11.31.2005.445d Applications Patches for HP-UX 11i v3, May 2020
QPKBASE B.11.31.2005.445d Base Quality Pack Bundle for HP-UX 11i v3, May 2020
RAID-01 B.11.31.1910 RAID SA; Supptd HW=A7143A/A9890A/A9891A
SATADVD-00 B.11.31.1805 PCIe SATA DVD Driver
SCSI-PR-Utilites B.01.31.01 SCSI command utilities to manipulate Registrations and Reservations
Sec00Tools B.01.04.10 Install-Time security infrastructure.
SecureShell A.06.20.030 HP-UX Secure Shell
SerialSCSI-00 B.11.31.1705 PCI-X/PCI-E SerialSCSI
SwAssistant C.02.95 HP-UX Software Assistant
SysFaultMgmt C. HPUX System Fault Management
SysMgmtMin B.11.31.2005 Minimum Software Deployment Tools
SysMgmtPlus A. HP-UX SMH Supplemental Functionality
SysMgmtWeb A. HP-UX Web Based System Management User Interfaces
T1905CA A. Serviceguard
T1909BA B.07.00.01 Enterprise Cluster Master Toolkit
TBIRD A. Thunderbird for HP-UX
Tune-N-Tools B.11.31.0909 Optimized Kernel Tunables and Tools for Database and Application Servers
USB-00 D.11.31.0909 Transition USB-00 Product
VirtualBase B.06.50 Base Virtualization Software
WhiteListInf A.01.03.01 HP-UX Whitelisting
hpuxws24Apache B. HP-UX Apache-based Web Server
hpuxws24Tomcat D. HP-UX Tomcat-based Servlet Engine
hpuxws24Webmin B.1.070.15 HP-UX Webmin-based Admin
hpuxwsXml A.2.03 HPUX XML
perl E.5.8.8.O Perl Programming Language
perl528 E.5.28.0.A Perl Programming Language
scsiU320-00 B.11.31.1805 PCI-X SCSI U320;Supptd HW=A7173A/AB290A
# Product(s) not contained in a Bundle:

PHCO_44832 1.0 pthread library cumulative patch
PHCO_44838 1.0 scsimgr cumulative patch
PHKL_44632 1.0 Integrity Processor Migration, 1024 CPU enablement
PHKL_44837 1.0 esctl cumulative patch
PHKL_44842 1.0 esdisk cumulative patch
PHSS_37042 1.0 hppac
unzip 6.0 unzip
zip 3.0 zip

The issue for us is how do we make sure that the HPUX server has the required UPDATE LEVEL ? How do we co-relate Update level reuired by Oracle to Patches list given by swlist command ? 

The oracle document is also attached. 


 Oracle document stating Update level requirementOracle document stating Update level requirement


Re: What is an update level for HP UX ?

It's fairly typical of Oracle to be vague about this sort of thing. You are right that "update level 12" is meaningless for HP-UX. What they are *probably* referring to is the HP-UX "Operating Environment Update Release". This is usually coded as a Month and Year.  So for example the release inMacrh 2008 would be coded as 0803 and In September 2012 would be coded as 1209.

So "update level 12" is probably referring to any update after 2012 for 11iv3. 

You can see the Update Release level of your installed OS by looking at the level encoded in the Operating Environment product in the "swlist" output. Here's the relevant line for your system:

HPUX11i-BOE B.11.31.2005 HP-UX Base Operating Environment

So that is the May 2020 OEUR. That's actually the last but one release available (2105 was released just a few days ago).

I think you can be 99.9% sure that you are on a higher release than "update level 12" - whatever Oracle think that is!

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Re: What is an update level for HP UX ?


There is nothing called "update level 12+" for HP-UX. Duncan is absolutely correct. You may find the details at this link -

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Re: What is an update level for HP UX ?


Hope the clarifications provided is sufficient. If yes, please notify and close the thread.

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