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What to buy

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Paula J Frazer-Campbell
Honored Contributor

What to buy

I want to buy a "Play" machine for myself and have a choice of the following - prices about the same.

Having never worked on these machines which would be the best?

HP9000, D250, 1 x 160mhz, 2 x 4Gb, 576mb


HP9000, K210, 2 x 120mhz, 4 x 2Gb, 256mb

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Eugen Cocalea
Respected Contributor

Re: What to buy


I would buy the second.

1. You can test single-processor behaviour on a dual-processor machine, but not the other way.
2. You can test more soft-RAID configurations on 4 hdds than on 2 (given the same amount of space)
3. Less memory is not really a disadvantage.

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Santosh Nair_1
Honored Contributor

Re: What to buy

I would go for the K box...they seem to be more flexible than the D boxes. Also, you should get more performance out the of K box with two processors than with a D box with one processor. The only limiting factor is the memory...but if you'd not planning on anything memory intensive, i.e. databases, you should be okay with the K box. Also, you can get K memory from Kingstons for a fraction of the price you'd pay to HP...since this is a play machine, it should be okay.

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A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: What to buy

Hi Paula:

Given those two choices, I would go for the D-box. If you have a D-250 that is actually a PA-7200 processor running at 100Mhz; if it's truly a 160Mhz processor, it's a D270 running a PA-8000. That's even better because with that you can upgrade to 11.11 64-bit if you remove any EISA cards. You could then have a box on which you could test both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of all the operating systems.

I also like the greater amount of memory in the D-box.

My 3 cents, Clay
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Honored Contributor

Re: What to buy

I'd get the D too..

It works for me (tm)
Volker Borowski
Honored Contributor

Re: What to buy


if there is a chance for the 64-bit option, I would follow Clays suggestion.
In addition, if you want to upgrade RAM, I think you can put standard PC-RAMs into a D, but not into a K.

Honored Contributor

Re: What to buy

Hi Paula,
If the D has a PA8000 processor AND the hot swap option (your 4 Gb would be hot swap FWD-SCSI...)
I would definiltely go for it because the power requirement and spare parts would be less compared to the Kclass
I just checked on on D230, ther is a PA7000 running at 160 Mhz:
# echo itick_per_usec/D|adb -k /stand/vmunix /dev/kmem
itick_per_usec: 160
Module Revision
------ --------
System Board 0
Processor Board 0
PA-7300LC CPU 8
Firmware 12

All the best

John Bolene
Honored Contributor

Re: What to buy

Depending on where you have to install this box, I would get the D also as it is much smaller and takes less electricity to run.

The D can hold 5 internal drives at 9 or 18G, easy to add storage.

It has a faster CPU, can run 64 bit code, and although it is not 2 processor now, has the potential to be 2 processor.

My 2 coppers.
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Thierry Poels_1
Honored Contributor

Re: What to buy


get them both, then you can play around with MC/ServiceGuard, DNS, ... ;-)

The typical answer is "It depends", they both have their advantages.

All unix flavours are exactly the same . . . . . . . . . . for end users anyway.
Paula J Frazer-Campbell
Honored Contributor

Re: What to buy

Thanks to all

I have gone for the D Class,


John's answer was not better that everyone else???s I just wanted the magic rabbit to appear.



If you can spell SysAdmin then you is one - anon
Honored Contributor

Re: What to buy

Hello Paula,

I would go for D-class, too, as you have the chance of doing all that funny testing by *unplugging* disks while running!
So you could test your root-disk-mirroring,
which I believe is pretty useful.
The second processor will not do you so much good for AFAIK you cannot disable it on D or K class boxes (no GSP) and its power is not needed for "playing".
More RAM is useful all the time, especially with HPUX11i, with Ignite/UX, you could even try the RAMdisk-driver :-)

Just my $0.001,
Carlos Fernandez Riera
Honored Contributor

Re: What to buy

I agree Jonh. D`s are lighter than Ks, and to play .. :).

Jokes out. I guess you plan to buy a remarked box. If you must be able to run 10.20, then D. But if you dont need 10.20 check the posibility of A class from remarketing.

Like a L but smallest.