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Where does emca get env variables Oracle 10gR2

Norman Dignard
Regular Advisor

Where does emca get env variables Oracle 10gR2

I had a previous instance of oem running when we had to change IP & hostname. I've dropped
the db and agenet and, after the host rename.
tried to setup oem again with the cmd
emca -config dbcontrol -repos create

It fails to start however because its looking for the OC4J_DBCONSLE_rmdyintg.xxxx file seen below from the cfgtools/emca log

CONFIG: ps: cmd is not a valid field name
OC4J Configuration issue. /oracle/10gR2/oc4j/j2ee/OC4J_DBConsole_rmdyintg.deveng.local_nesad not found.

Feb 11, 2008 1:01:55 PM oracle.sysman.emcp.util.PlatformInterface executeCommand
WARNING: Error executing /oracle/10gR2/bin/emctl start dbconsole
Feb 11, 2008 1:01:55 PM oracle.sysman.emcp.EMConfig perform
SEVERE: Error starting Database Control
Refer to the log file at /oracle/10gR2/cfgtoollogs/emca/nesad/emca_2008-02-11_12-54-50-PM.log for more details.
Feb 11, 2008 1:01:55 PM oracle.sysman.emcp.EMConfig perform
CONFIG: Stack Trace:
oracle.sysman.emcp.exception.EMConfigException: Error starting Database Control
at oracle.sysman.emcp.EMDBPostConfig.performConfiguration(
at oracle.sysman.emcp.EMDBPostConfig.invoke(
at oracle.sysman.emcp.EMDBPostConfig.invoke(
at oracle.sysman.emcp.EMConfig.perform(
at oracle.sysman.emcp.EMConfigAssistant.invokeEMCA(
at oracle.sysman.emcp.EMConfigAssistant.performConfiguration(
at oracle.sysman.emcp.EMConfigAssistant.statusMain(
at oracle.sysman.emcp.EMConfigAssistant.main(

Where is emca getting the "rmdyintg" variable?? The file dir its looking for is created as /oracle/10gR2/oc4j/j2ee/OC4J_DBConsole_nesadev.deveng.local_nesad
Looking at the rest of the log all the config specs list nesadev.deveng.local which is the new host name. The old host name was nesatst. We also had another box call rmdyintg which has since been shutdown a year ago.

Oracle was a fresh install on this box when it was called nesatst. There are no other files/parms that I have found on the OS with "rmdyintg" so where is emca getting it?
Respected Contributor

Re: Where does emca get env variables Oracle 10gR2

can you upload this file
Refer to the log file /oracle/10gR2/cfgtoollogs/emca/nesad/emca_2008-02-11_12-54-50-PM.log
If it were all easy, we would not have anything to do.
Norman Dignard
Regular Advisor

Re: Where does emca get env variables Oracle 10gR2

It appears that on initial config it's doing a DNS/WINS lookup. I checked our DNS/WINS server (Windows 2003 AD) and the IP was registered to 2 differnt hosts names.

EMCA I guess just picked up the first one it discovered. After deleteing the dup IP/host, the problem did not reoccur.