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Where to get the bios upgrade for 6745C?

Tanya Wilson
Occasional Contributor

Where to get the bios upgrade for 6745C?

Hi, I have a HP 6745C which came with 20GB. I want to upgrade to 60-80GB. What hard drive specifications should I be looking for when I make the purchase? And how do I install it? Thanks for your support.

To fix the situation, I was given the following info:

Any IDE disk should be OK.
However, be warned that some large disks may not be seen correctly by the BIOS. Therefore, the disk geometry (heads, cylinders, sectors) may be incorrect.

At home, I have a very old HP Brio that initially shipped with 4 GB disk. I recently installed a 20 GB disk in it. The BIOS only sees the first 8 Giga bytes. However when I boot Linux, it is able to use the whole disk because it re-detects the geometry by it owns.

You may consider a BIOS upgrade.

Where can I get the latest BIOS upgrade? Thank you
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: Where to get the bios upgrade for 6745C?

or if the link doesn't work go to:

put in 6745c and hit enter then select Drivers and Downloads.