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Who knows PERL?

Zeng Qing yong
Occasional Contributor

Who knows PERL?

We're trying to run an application writen in PERL but it gets the following
error message when it's trying to connect to Oracle database:


What should I do?

Dan Hull
Regular Advisor

Re: Who knows PERL?

A good source for advice is
Paul Bouchie
Occasional Advisor

Re: Who knows PERL?

You can try running PERL in debug mode:

From the command line: # perl -d "programname"

Use "q" to quit debug mode.
Use 's' to execute a single line of code at a time.
'n' does the same as 's' but also shows the next command to be executed.

Good luck!
Thomas G. Tudrej
Frequent Advisor

Re: Who knows PERL?

On the same note, run your program in "wqrnings on" mode. This requires that you either run your script from command line: perl -w scriptname OR you should have "#!/perlpath/perl -w" as first line in your script. This may give you more clues on what is wrong and where.
Nagaraj Dandeboyina
Occasional Advisor

Re: Who knows PERL?

make sure that ur system had perl.You can check that by typing which perl.And set env and run ur program.

Good luck
Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects
Rick Garland
Honored Contributor

Re: Who knows PERL?

Last I saw, perl was installed with the default OS install. It wqas perl 4 though.
You will probably find perl on the system but it is going to be an older version of.
I know that older version had trouble with accessing some of the info you are trying to get to.

If this is the case, download a newer version and install. Make sure that you are PATHed out and everything to look at the new version.
Anthony Goonetilleke
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Who knows PERL?

Hang on this is not just a Perl specific error are you using Oracle in it at all?
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Jeremy Dean_3
Occasional Advisor

Re: Who knows PERL?

OCIEnvInit is an Oracle error which could indicate missing environment variables or other links into the Oracle environment...

What version of Oracle are you using?
Did this work previously (work an earlier version of Oracle)?
Do you get any Oracle errors logged in the Oracle logfiles?
find $ORACLE_BASE/ADMIN -mtime 0 -exec ls -ld {} ;
find $ORACLE_HOME -mtime 0 -exec ls -ld {} ;
Look for .trc, .log or similar files

If stuck, and you have exclusive access to a test database, then enable Oracle tracing via the $ORACLE_BASE/admin/pfile/init${ORACLE_SID}.ora or $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/init${ORACLE_SID}.ora file
See the Oracle Server SQL Reference and Oracle Server Tuning manuals

If you have an Oracle support contract, then browse the Metalink site.