Why people hate Gnome ?

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Why people hate Gnome ?


Why people inklusive Linus Torvald hate Gnome ?

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dirk dierickx
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Re: Why people hate Gnome ?

for some users, who like to be in control of every little bit on their desktop, gnome is too restrictive.

the gnome philosophy is very much like that of apple - it just works. but that means a lot of options are hidden or just not available for the users.

kde present the user with an overwhelming amount of options and tweaks that can be done, up to the point that it's silly (sometimes).

i have always liked gnome, and try out kde every now and then, but keep comming back to gnome. do you want to get things done or fiddle around with desktop settings (that don't matter anyway?) - the choice is up to you.

and although gnome is a 'simpler' desktop, there are some really great applications available (although they will work with KDE as well).

the user of KDE and Gnome are about 50/50, so it's as if gnome has almost no users, if you got that impression from somewhere.

take your pick, it's Open Source Software, freedom of speech!
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Re: Why people hate Gnome ?

>Why people hate Gnome ?
I think its because there is no options like "Arrange/Sort Icons" and "Refresh Desktop" when you right click on the desktop.

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Re: Why people hate Gnome ?

I honestly love gnome, as Dirk said.. things work.

Besides, there's alot of software written to match gnome that's quite comfy :)

I've never liked KDE, it's just too much... before I moved to gnome I used fluxbox... but that instead is too small...

Torvalds hates everything... He's still stuck on 2.4 kernel because "it's better" :P

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Why people hate Gnome ?


I like and use gnome.

I'm a desktop user. There are toys missing in it that can be found in the KDE interface.

There are limitations and things I can do in Windows that I'd like to do in gnome and can not. That might be the source of the ill will.

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Re: Why people hate Gnome ?

I like and use gnome as well.
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Re: Why people hate Gnome ?

I am a Gnome user on Ubuntu 8.10 and love it. I think if you search enough you will find the tweaks you need.
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Re: Why people hate Gnome ?

Gnome is one of many desktop environment (GDMs) for Linux. Linux being free (to modify & redistribute), has the ability to modify everything to individual's needs. However, Gnome isn't so, and the UI is not very customizable. This is perhaps one of reasons why Gnome is not liked by people who love tweaking their system.

I do like Gnome as a clean and clutter free desktop environment though. :)