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Wikis and Blogs


I was asked to setup Wikis and Blog using open source. Any advice to the following is appreciated:

(1) What is Wikis?
(2) What is Blog?
(3) Which linux supports it?
(4) Are they free?
(5) Where can I get the software?
(6) What hardware is required?
(7) Any other information.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Wikis and Blogs

1) Don't know
2) Blog is a web diary format, essentially a web based bulliten board. Very popular and trendy right now.
3) Linux supports web servers and the applicaitons mentioned above work with a httpd/web servers. Answer yes,.
4) There are free blog packages for Linux.
6) No special hardware requirements
7) Lots, try a google search.

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Dave Falloon
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Re: Wikis and Blogs

I have a wiki set up on my home linux server. Wiki is a markup language, like html only simpler. I use usemod-wiki from these guys:

Its a simple perl script with a few directories that contain the wiki data. Usemod wiki allows you to keep a revision history as well.

A blog is just as SEP said, an online diary. I've used drupal, and movable type

MT: ( has a limited free version, unlimited requires a license $ )

Both of these technologies you are looking into ( wiki and blog ) are web based. That means the only requirement is a web server. You can install apache on all of the major version of linux, I recommend any of these three Fedora, debian, or gentoo. They each have their strengths and weaknesses.

As far as hardware is concerned, depends on how much traffic you expect. If this machine is going to get thousands of hits a second ( ie. ) you will need a fast server, but if this is just for a small office, you don't need very much. My home machine is a P3 450 with 256 megs of RAM, and for my needs its plenty fast.


If this is your first linux box, I would install Fedora it requires the least amount of knowledge at installation, it has the most user friendly interface as well.

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dirk dierickx
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Re: Wikis and Blogs

wiki's are websites where everybody can contribute to the content on the site. well known projects are for example - wikipedia.

a blog is basicly like a diary (weblog), where people write little pieces of all kinds of bits about whatever they feel like.

ofcourse linux supports these 'technologies', perhaps even easier then other OS' since a lot of them are open source. The requirements depend on a lot of things, like the number of users and the programs used, so it is impossible to answer this question.

wiki programs include: moinmoin, wikalong, wikkitikkitavi, yawiki, etc...

blogs: blog:cms, b2evolution, blosxom, etc...
Karsten Breivik_1
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Re: Wikis and Blogs

WikiWiki is Hawaiian and means "quick". Started off in 1995 and has recently gained popularity.

I guess which wiki to use depends on what environment you are using for other purposes. If the developers in your organization are developing using C, find something made from that. If you are using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python) then a distribution made from that. Seems most Wiki implementation are open source. My organization develop using Java Enterprise, so we opted for JSPWiki from We run it on Linux under a JBoss application server. Could be run under Tomcat and other JSP Engines.

Check out the One Minute Wiki to find out what it is