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Work with Open LDAP

Jürgen Münker
Occasional Contributor

Work with Open LDAP


i 've got a question belonging to Open LDAP.
In an Organizational Unit are various objects (people). For A Report (for my partner) I want to print on white paper some of all the people.
How can I mark all the people I need for the Report? How can I print expecially that people for my partner?

Thanks a lot!
Mike Hassell
Respected Contributor

Re: Work with Open LDAP


There are a number of ways you can query the OU that contain the people that you're after. Here's a tool that I use on windows to browse the ldap tree and export items:

Just point the above tool to your OpenLDAP server and you're set.

You may also want to look into using the 'ldapsearch' command... i think? but I find the syntax to be too confusing myself :-)

Hope that helps.

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