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X11 on 11i v2 and v3, the .Xauthority file

john guardian
Super Advisor

X11 on 11i v2 and v3, the .Xauthority file

Is there a config file anywhere that controls the ability to create this file for individuals when starting X?

Mel Burslan
Honored Contributor

Re: X11 on 11i v2 and v3, the .Xauthority file

Normally, if this file doesn't exist upon an X-login attempt, it should be created and placed in the user's home directory. Isn't this happening for you ? If not, did you make sure the user's home directory is owned by the user itself or by some other entity. Also make sure /usr/bin/X11/xauth is owned by bin:bin and at least has 555 permissions (i.e. anyone should be able to execute it, write permission should be given very sparingly IMHO)
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