XFree86 on a Presario...

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XFree86 on a Presario...

Hi all!
I'm new here because of my new Presario 2156EA(ATI Radeon Mobility 64Mb shared DDR). I've XP and Red Hat 8.0 (2.4.18) on my lap. I have a "simple" question for you: what is the actual best driver solution for the video card to run with XFree86? Actually I've a vesa driver installed at 1024x768 24bit, but I've the problem that XServer restarts everytime I make a CTRL-ALT-F1...
Anyone with a better solution?

Many thanks to everyone.
Claudio Cilloni
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Re: XFree86 on a Presario...

Maybe updating your X server could help. If I'm not wrong, Rethat 8 uses XFree86 4.2. Updating to XFree 4.3 or installing Redhat 9 (which uses XFree 4.3) is a good idea.

By the way, redhat 9 solves a lot of troubles of redhat 8. I suggest to update your whole system, not only to get the X server work properly.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: XFree86 on a Presario...

CTRL-ALT-F1 is supposed to take you to command or text mode.

Since Red Hat 9 started out as Red Hat 8.1(big bug fix), I think the upgrade wise whether it solves this problem or not.

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Re: XFree86 on a Presario...


Check the option to upgrate the XFree to new one version like 4.3.0 (came with RH9)

When you press CTRL-ALT-F1 you enter to text mode if you press ALT-F7 it should return to the X back.