Re: Xfree86 on Vectra XP 5/60!

Chris Martin_16
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Xfree86 on Vectra XP 5/60!

Can anyone out there help with what seems to be a common problem.

I'm having a ball with Linux (SuSE) on some old HP equipment but can't get
Xfree86 to work with the S3 server. Like many others I no longer have any
manuals or documentation for the PC - Vectra 5/60 with 32Mb ram and 2 * 540Mb
hard drives, or the monitor - D1194A Super VGA.

According to my investigations the video is S3 with 2Mb memory?

I've had the PC working at 800 x 600 with both Windows95 and NT4! but Linux
refuses to budge from the standard 640 x 480 provided by the VGA server.

Any attempts to use the S3 server seem to be going ok (according to .X.err) but
after a few secconds of disc activity the screen goes blank and the system

I've read as much of the X server documentation as I can find and tried many of
the suggested remedies but without success.

Anybody got any specifications for the hardware or possible solutions???????
Patrick Watts_1
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Re: Xfree86 on Vectra XP 5/60!

I have included a link below for specs on your vectra, although they may still
leavae questions on exactly what type of graphics chip you have. You can find
timings for the D1194A at
I would expect to find this monitor selectable via Xconfigurator