Xfree86 on Vectra XP 5/60!

Chris Martin_16
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Xfree86 on Vectra XP 5/60!

Can anyone out there help with what seems to be a common problem.

I'm having a ball with Linux (SuSE) on some old HP equipment but can't get
Xfree86 to work with the S3 server. Like many others I no longer have any
manuals or documentation for the PC - Vectra 5/60 with 32Mb ram and 2 * 540Mb
hard drives, or the monitor - D1194A Super VGA.

According to my investigations the video is S3 with 2Mb memory?

I've had the PC working at 800 x 600 with both Windows95 and NT4! but Linux
refuses to budge from the standard 640 x 480 provided by the VGA server.

Any attempts to use the S3 server seem to be going ok (according to .X.err) but
after a few secconds of disc activity the screen goes blank and the system

I've read as much of the X server documentation as I can find and tried many of
the suggested remedies but without success.

Anybody got any specifications for the hardware or possible solutions???????
Patrick Watts_1
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Re: Xfree86 on Vectra XP 5/60!

I have included a link below for specs on your vectra, although they may still
leavae questions on exactly what type of graphics chip you have. You can find
timings for the D1194A at http://www.danbbs.dk/~monz/monitor-timings.html
I would expect to find this monitor selectable via Xconfigurator