Re: Xfree86 on a Vectra VEi8

Rachid Abrahin neto
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Xfree86 on a Vectra VEi8

Hello folks,
has anyone had success in making Xfree86 (in Red Hat
6.0) running plain cool in a Vectra VEi8 with a Matrox video board with these

- Matrox MGA-G200 AGP
- Graphics Chip: Matrox MGA-G200
- Memory: 8 Megabytes;
- Add-ons: None
- Mapping: E4000000
- RAMDAC Type: Integrated
- RAMDAC Speed: 250 MHz
- Serial Number: onboard
- VGA BIOS version: 1.7.0

I'm using a D2825 monitor (Ultra VGA 1024), but
the maximum gotten was 640x480 in 8 colors,
what is really strange. I've tried xconf,
Xconfigurator, XF86Setup, and none of them seem
to be able to recognize the card correctly.

For starters I thought something weird was
happening to the Red Hat distribution, but
things got even more difficult when trying to
make Caldera Openlinux or Corel Linux run on
this machine. Since these Linux Distributions
have the own installation process based upon
a GUI, when X-Windows is about to be started
the video goes blank (dark), and only power
off can be issued.

Is there any hint to your newbie fellow?
Thanks in advance,
Rachid Abrahin
from Brazil
Chuck Slivkoff
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Re: Xfree86 on a Vectra VEi8

According to the information on this site,

you will need to obtain XFree86 3.3.5 (or higher).

The updates for RH 6.0 are available at your nearest RH mirror site: