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aCC crashing with -DAportable but not crashing with -DA64

Ulf Wendel
Occasional Contributor

aCC crashing with -DAportable but not crashing with -DA64


any hints about the below crash?

CXXFLAGS='-g +DAportable -mt -AA +hpxstd98 +Onoinline'

uname -a =>
HP-UX hpux31 B.11.31 U 9000/800 4081785582 unlimited-user license

$CXX -V =>
aCC: HP ANSI C++ B3910B A.03.80

Crash =>

Signal 11
( 0) 0x002a0004 sighandler__FiT1 + 0x144 [/opt/aCC/lbin/ctcom.pa20]
( 1) 0xc022d7c8 _sigreturn [/usr/lib/libc.2]
( 2) 0x000a9fac $$dyncall_external_20 [/opt/aCC/lbin/ctcom.pa20]
( 3) 0x0022036c allocUcodeAddress__7ComputeFv + 0x230 [/opt/aCC/lbin/ctcom.pa20]
( 4) 0x0021ffe0 emitCode__3UseF13UcodeDataType + 0x70 [/opt/aCC/lbin/ctcom.pa20]
( 5) 0x0022bb5c emitCode__7ComputeF13UcodeDataType + 0x24 [/opt/aCC/lbin/ctcom.pa20]
( 6) 0x0035e798 emitCodeForStatement__8ExprStmtFv + 0x30 [/opt/aCC/lbin/ctcom.pa20]
( 7) 0x000fe1d4 emitCodeDriver__9StatementFv + 0x124 [/opt/aCC/lbin/ctcom.pa20]
( 8) 0x001216a0 doCode__8FunctionFv + 0x520 [/opt/aCC/lbin/ctcom.pa20]
( 9) 0x00257864 code__8FunctionFv + 0x68 [/opt/aCC/lbin/ctcom.pa20]
(10) 0x00164180 ProcessExternalDeclaration__8CompilerFP11Declarationb + 0x280 [/opt/aCC/lbin/ctcom.pa20]
(11) 0x00183818 ProcessExternalDeclarationList__8CompilerFP11Declaration + 0x16c [/opt/aCC/lbin/ctcom.pa20]
(12) 0x0026c820 DoCompile__8CompilerFv + 0x2a0 [/opt/aCC/lbin/ctcom.pa20]
(13) 0x0028a758 DoCompile__8CompilerFP6Buffer + 0x34 [/opt/aCC/lbin/ctcom.pa20]
(14) 0x000ba1cc DoCompileFile__8CompilerFPc + 0x110 [/opt/aCC/lbin/ctcom.pa20]
(15) 0x000c0e94 main + 0x410 [/opt/aCC/lbin/ctcom.pa20]
(16) 0xc017e0fc _start + 0xb4 [/usr/lib/libc.2]
(17) 0x001b1880 $START$ + 0x178 [/opt/aCC/lbin/ctcom.pa20]
Error (system problem) 689: # Compiler received signal 11
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: aCC crashing with -DAportable but not crashing with -DA64

The latest version is A.03.85, you should try that first. +hpxstd98 had lots of fixes there.

Instead of +Onoinline, you should use +d.
Ulf Wendel
Occasional Contributor

Re: aCC crashing with -DAportable but not crashing with -DA64


+d and +Onoinline makes no differences. Actually, it seems not to be about inlining at all.

However, late yesterday evening my time I found a solution:

Crash ->

std::stringstream msg;
if (unlikely)

No crash ->

if (unlikely)
std::stringstream msg;

Quite buggy STL and/or compiler version as it seems.