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about oracle 8.0.5

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about oracle 8.0.5

how to config name server?(no graphic terminal)
could you give me some document?
harry d brown jr
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Re: about oracle 8.0.5

Use the search feature on this string:

name server

and make sure you select "exact phrase"

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Shannon Petry
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Re: about oracle 8.0.5

Even without graphics you can use SAM to accomplish this.

from the console, your term should be automagically set.. so just run sam -> Networking and communications -> DNS/Bind

It may be worth investing in a book published by O'Reilly and Associates called DNS and BIND Administration. There is alot of info there for both beginner and advanced. Some of this is important as DNS works backwards from most peoples logic!

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Andreas D. Skjervold
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Re: about oracle 8.0.5


Have attached a Note from Metalink about this. Not sure if its the best one but the only one I found at the moment,

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