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accessing printers via Samba

accessing printers via Samba

I'm trying to set up Samba so I can serve up files from our HP-UX 11i server to our WinXP workstations. So far, we can access the data no problem. It's when we try to setup the printers that I'm running into a brick wall. We got two new servers in and hooked them to our network. I set them up and are able to print via the UNIX server and two unix boxes. I edited my smb.conf file as follows:

printable = yes
print command = /usr/bin/lpr -r %s
printer = All Printers
public = yes
path = /tmp
read only = yes
guest only = yes
valid users = @users

My /etc/printcap shows 'hplj_bw' and 'hplj_color', but when I go to the WinXP boxes, I am not able to add them (they aren't even seen).

Anyone have any experience with setting up printers via samba and can help me see what I'm doing wrong??

Respected Contributor

Re: accessing printers via Samba

Try with only the foll options under smb.conf:
printable = yes
print command = /usr/bin/lpr -r %s
printer = All Printers
public = yes

Does it make a difference.

Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: accessing printers via Samba

Try configuring the global option:

load printers = yes
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Re: accessing printers via Samba

I am able to see the printers now and 'add' them via the GUI, but the info line under the printer says 'access denied, unable to connect'.

I changed [printers] to [hplj_color] and was able to see this printer as well (same printer, different share name) and I get the same 'access denied, unable to connect' message.

Any ideas?
Arno Kuyper_1
Trusted Contributor

Re: accessing printers via Samba


Which printing system do you use? (Try CUPS)
What does the command lpstat -t say?

Try to add:
use client driver = yes
print command = lpr -P %p -o raw %s -r # using client side printer drivers.

Hope it helps,
Frequent Advisor

Re: accessing printers via Samba

In the printer section of your smb.conf is the option "guest ok = yes" appearing? From what I can tell "guest ok = no" is the default.