adding fire wire card to HP Netserver

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Shar Hunter
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adding fire wire card to HP Netserver

I have an old HP Netserver 5/100 LH that used to have NT on it. I removed NT and installed Linux (SuSe).

I have successfully configured Samba.

Now I need some hard drive space. I have an PCI card that is a fire wire bus/port and an external 80 gig hard drive. So I istalled the card and plugged the drive into the card. The drive plugs into fire wire.


But now I do not have any idea how to configure Linux to see the fire wire card. And for that matter I do not know how to add the hard drive as a device.

Does anyone know how to have Linux find the fire wire card, and then also to find the external drive - and format it. So I can use the drive with Samba!

I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore.
Magnus Andersson
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Re: adding fire wire card to HP Netserver

Look at this website and you'll find a lot of information about FireWire.