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Re: another ftp question

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another ftp question

Redhat 7.3/wu-ftpd/email server

I need to transfer accounts from old to new server.

I can finally login via ftp to the RH 7.3 box, but I can't see any directories. What
should I look for???

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Re: another ftp question

Hello Manny,

any as in any, or any as in any besides . and ..?

Obvious things to check:

1.) Does the login directory of the user exist?
2.) If yes, does the user actually have rights to access it?

Greetings, Martin
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Re: another ftp question

Try navigating around to directories even if you can't see them. They probably still work. If so, then check that your ftp daemon is configured to allow you to do an "ls".
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Re: another ftp question

The home directories from the old server should be transfered to the new one.Check that the permissions/owner of each is correct.
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Re: another ftp question

Now I've made a fool of myself!

RH 7.3
I installed wu-ftpd
It is running
I gave ftp rights to a user who has root priveliges.

I can login via ftp.

I "think" I am supposed to edit in few more spots??

I am not sure and unable to pose the correct question to google.
Do I create a file in etc/passwd?

Thanks to everyone
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Re: another ftp question

you have to bring to /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow (in case you enabled shadow passwords on old machine) from the old system to the new one.
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Re: another ftp question

I am trying to ftp into the old box from the new to transfer accounts and I can login in to the old box but I can't see directories.

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Re: another ftp question

I remember this problem from a long time ago unfortunately I don't remember how I fixed it. If I remember corectly, ls doesn't work, but ls -l does (strange but true!). try that. of course I haven't used command line non-anonymous ftp in about 200 years. Try sftp, it's more secure, a bit slower though.