apache problem port 80 was filetered

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apache problem port 80 was filetered

I am having problem with my apache server, the web site is inaccessible. I have try a nmap, it show that port 80 was filetered. I have reboot the server but still doesn't help.
Calvin Dodge

Re: apache problem port 80 was filetered

FWIW, rebooting is almost never the answer to problems like this. Unlike Windows, Linux is not generally subject to system bugs, so if you have a problem, it's most likely a configuration issue (which won't be fixed by rebooting).

Which distribution are you using?
Has this system been working all along (then suddenly changed), or is this a fresh installation?

I ask because Red Hat 7.1 is more secure than previous versions, including some basic firewalling. A "filtered" port generally indicates that a firewall is blocking access to the port in question.

So, what kind of firewalling is in place?