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archive logs & oracle streams

Super Advisor

archive logs & oracle streams

Oracle and oracle streams.
I backed up the archive logs, but only deleted anything older then 7 days.

I ran the command:
SELECT name FROM v$archived_log
WHERE next_change# < (SELECT first_scn FROM dba_capture);

Which should identify the archive logs that streams no longer needs. Which is fine.

I then deleted these logs as above, which had all the files older then 7 days listed in the select command.
RMAN> change archivelog until time 'sysdate-7' delete;

So can someone explain when I run:
SELECT * FROM v$archived_log
WHERE next_change# < (SELECT first_scn FROM dba_capture);

It returns all the archive logs, but the name is now BLANK! With ARCHIVED =YES and DELETED = YES, with a status of D.

And when I run:
SELECT name FROM dba_logmnr_log ORDER BY first_scn;

It shows the exact files that my first command stated I did not need?!

So, how do I, or can I purge the v$archive_log to clean this mess up.