attaching a signature with procmail

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Marcelo Celleri
Occasional Contributor

attaching a signature with procmail


I'm trying to attach my business signature to the outgoing messages but first I have to filter some mail so I do this with procmail, is there a way in wich I could concatenate a text file with the signature on it with procmail? or better than that, is there a way in wich I could attach a gif file with my logo?

Thanks in advance...
Bill Thorsteinson
Honored Contributor

Re: attaching a signature with procmail

Procmail is generally used for incoming
messages. I haven't seen it used for
outgoing messages.

I would suggest you look at the signature
capability of your email tool. Most have
the ability to add a signature automatically.

Some mail software includes a vcard format signature. These can be automatically or manually added to contact lists.

If you insist on using procmail, you can
filter the message through a filter that
adds the signature at the end.

There is a standard of separating the signature
from the body with line containing "-- " (DASH DASH SPACE). This is not often followed.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: attaching a signature with procmail

With some abount of modfication, the script I'm attaching can be used to send mail with or without attachments and include a signature.

For outbound mail, this is more easily accomplished with the email client.

There are probably lots of ways to do it with ascript.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Marcelo Celleri
Occasional Contributor

Re: attaching a signature with procmail

There is another way to do it with sendmail?
I just want to sign my outgoing messages, but still I have to validate if the mail goes from one of my users to another (in this case I don't want to sign) or if the mail goes to the people outside..., also I'm using MailScanner, maybe it could help, because it has a inline signature inside of its configuration, but it signs everything...